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the health scout phone calls

Are you receiving multiple phone calls several times a day?

Please note, it is not us. We too are tired of the phone calls and there seems to be come confusion between our small insurance agency in Missouri and that is telemarketing nationwide.

We are not affiliated with

We do not make telemarketing phone calls

We too are tired of the phone calls because when you receive them, naturally people think it is us and call us complaining. We get it, because its taking up a lot of our time too.

Our first suggestion would be visit and click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.

Our second suggestion is to file a complaint with the federal government and your state government.

Register for the Do Not Call registry here:

After you register if you still receive unwanted calls, file a complaint with the FTC here:

Again we are sorry you too are being disturbed by unwanted telemarketing calls. It makes all of us working hard in the field look bad too.

Hope this helps you.

The Honest Health Scout

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