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Vision insurance is a type of health care coverage that helps with the routine costs for preventative care eye exams and glasses. Most people choose to purchase vision insurance because it offers them discounts on these services as well as many other benefits, such as spreading out payment across the entire year instead of one or more huge lump sum payments when you see your doctor.

There are a few different vision insurance programs available however, for individuals and families, most end up choosing the standard or easy options program from VSP here also due to the nationwide network acceptance.

A Health Insurance Broker can help guide you to the right Insurance Plans for your Eye Care Service Needs.  Contact your local HealthScout with any questions you have before you pick a Vision Plan from any Insurance Company

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What is Vision Insurance Coverage

Vision insurance is a type of supplemental medical coverage that can help offset the costs of regular checkups and corrective lenses prescribed by your doctor.  You should never underestimate the importance of your vision.

Your eyes deserve the best care to keep them healthy. You can select from any of the thousands of network ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians working out of private practices and at top optical retail chains. Your coverage typically includes an excellent selection of eyewear that’s right for you and your budget with hundreds of options including designer brands as well.

Your eye doctor will provide comprehensive vision examinations during which they’ll discuss what glasses may work for either distance or nearsightedness; eye conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts; contact lenses in addition to other potential treatment plans if necessary.

Every member of your family can reap the benefits from Vision, even those who don’t wear glasses. Routine eye exams can do more than just protect eyesight – these visits are important to overall health and may detect other illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension too! With Vision you’ll see well, stay healthy and save more.

What does Individual Vision Insurance Discounts & Benefits typically cover?

  • Comprehensive eye exam
  • Basic Lenses fully covered
  • Choice of frames or contacts and fittings
  • Additional discounts & savings
  • Benefits for Lense Enhancements Progressive lenses
    • Light reactive lenses
    • Anti-Glare lenses
    • Impact-resistant lenses
    • Scratch-resistant lenses
    • tinted lenses
    • UV protected lenses

Simple Standard Plan. easy Options Upgrade.

Standard Plan

  • $15 Co-Pay Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • $25 Copay Basic Lenses Fully Covered
  • $150 toward Frames
  • or $150 toward contacts and fitting

Easy Options Plan

  • $15 Co-Pay Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • $25 Co-Pay Basic Lenses Fully Covered
  • $150 toward frames plus fully covered premium or custom progressive lenses
  • or $150 toward frames plus fully covered light-reactive lenses
  • or Additional $80 toward frames
  • or Additional $80 toward contacts and exam

Individual & Family VIsion Insurance FAQ

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